Charthur finds herself in a miserable situation. In her desperation, she turns to an unlikely friend...

Possibly canon, possibly not. Depends on what frequency you're tuned into, I suppose. Definitely NSFW (unless you just skip that section. If you're planning to do that, just roll your eyes at the appropriate moment). 

3/3/2019: I had been assuming users would be comfortable using the back/forward arrows, but was informed this is awkward on mobile. Both to signal that this is acceptable and to make life easier for mobile users, you now have the in-game chance to redo any choice that would otherwise prevent you from seeing the better ending. (Assuming you believe in second chances, at least.)

StatusIn development
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GenreInteractive Fiction
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This is actually really good.  Strange as it may seem, I really like how many opportunities to turn down Toyle's advances, it made it seem more real to me.

Oh, thank you! Honestly, I wish I had added more... ran out of time before the deadline!


Whoa, that felt like a really accurate portrayal of processing guilt over a mistake. Incredibly written. I think I managed to get a good ending? 


Ah, thank you, dragonweirdo!! (If you managed to break the Radio Silence, then yes, you got the good ending.)